If you wish to become an Orono Fish and Hunt club member you must fill out the form below (in its entirety), you will then be placed on our waiting list. If we have spots available and we have accepted your application we will contact you by phone (so make sure your phone number is correct).
Please note that we give preference to individuals who have RSO training and are willing to perform RSO/LSO duties.

Membership Application

Personal Information

Address Information

License Information

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The membership number of your family member holding the membership.


The above information is collected solely for use by the executive of the Orono Fish and Hunt Club and will not be released to any Person or Agency without the express permission of the above member. By completing this form, you certify all information provided is true and correct and that you further agree to comply with the by-laws and rules of the Orono Fish and Hunt Club.

Your information will be stored in a secure encrypted format and the form used to send the information is also encrypted.

* Family Membership is limited to the Individual member, his/ her spouse, and children under the age of 21 years residing with the member and in full-time attendance at school. Family Members must shoot under the direct supervision, scrutiny, and guidance of the Individual member and from the Individual member’s bench. Family Members must submit a duly completed and signed indemnification waiver prior to using the club’s facilities.