Clarification of mandatory face-covering policy. July 16, 2020

Effective July 10th, 2020 the OFHC Board of Directors made the difficult decision to require mandatory face coverings while inside the shooting shelters. This decision was made in an effort to protect all its members and club volunteers from the spread of the Covid 19 Virus.

It was in no way intended to affect or hinder a person’s ability to use the facilities for target shooting.

Therefore, for clarification, the Board of Directors is issuing the following statement:

Mandatory face coverings apply to entering, exiting, and moving around within the shooting shelters. While at your shooting station when social distancing can be practiced, your face covering may be removed or adjusted if required.

As an example #1- casing and uncasing your firearms or placing items in the storage racks or benches your face covering must be worn and properly in place.

Example #2- sitting or standing at your shooting station in preparation to discharge your firearm your face covering may be adjusted so as to not affect your glasses or breath control.
For further clarification please ask any of the Directors or RSO on duty.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding