Hello again…

As you can see, we have a new website and if you are here you have probably already figured out that your old username and password no longer work.

To regain access, just fill out the membership application, yes, even if you are an existing member we really need you to fill that info out again as we are moving towards more automation for our membership data (and less work for our membership director)  once we have all our members registered on the site again we will be able to start working on automating your renewals — next year you should be able to just print your renewal application from the website without having to fill in forms by hand again :) 


  1. Go to the membership application page and fill out the application
  2. You will be sent (VIA email) a registration confirmation.
    1. This confirmation expires after 24 hours.
    2. You will need to follow the instructions in that email to complete the registration.
    3. If you do not receive the email confirmation:
      1. Check your spam folder FIRST
      2. Use the Website/Password help option on the contact page to lets us know you are having an issue.  
  3. You will not be able to log in as a member immediately (sorry) 
  4. Our membership director will  review your request & compare it to our membership list. 
  5. Once your membership status has been verified, the membership director will update your website profile & send you a quick note letting you know that you can now log into the site as a full member. 

Sorry if this sounds like a lot of acrobatics for your existing membership, the process has been developed for your security.