We have been practicing social distancing for some time now and understand that some of the protocols set out by the province make the enjoyment of our club a little more difficult. Please be assured that your Board of Directors is continually reviewing and updating the policies and monitoring requirements as set out by the Province.  Please continue to monitor the emails sent out by the club and checking this page frequently as we will be regularly updating as our safety protocols change.


OFHC to reopen Sunday December 13th.

Temporary Operating days/hours will be:
Sundays – 10am – 4pm

Reservation line is only open Sundays from 9 am to 3:30 pm


Below are the social distancing and safety protocols put in place by the OFHC for everyone’s safety as regulated by the Province of Ontario.

Please read the following CAREFULLY, if you do not, and do not follow any of the new protocols you will be asked to leave the property.



We are now required to only allow members on the property who have a reservation and we must maintain a capacity limit.

  • You must call ahead and reserve a bench for a specific time.
  • If you just show up, you will be turned away until you make a reservation.
  • Members are not permitted to wait on the property for benches to become available.


Making a Reservation:

Call (905)-983-6089 on Sundays from 9 am to 3:30 pm
Reservation will require a range (25/50/100), date, time, and duration.
Reservations cannot be made via voicemail or email messages
You must speak with a live volunteer.
We do not have voicemail/text/emails – this is being done by volunteers.

Details about how to make a reservation will be posted on our website and an additional email outlining how to make reservations will be sent shortly.


Signing in.

The sign-up sheets have changed to now include a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. You will be required to:

  • Sign in as normally do
  • Initial that you have read the COVID-19 screening questionnaire & passed it.
  • Indicate the time you arrived and the bench you will occupy


Signing Out & Leaving

Yes, this is new. As part of the new Ontario regulations, we must maintain records that can be used for contact tracing. This means knowing when you left.

  • You will be required to sign out.
  • Members must leave immediately after completing their shooting time.


Social Distancing:

  • Social distancing to be practiced at all times, members shall remain 2 meters (6ft) apart
  • Masks are required:
    • Inside the clubhouse.
    • Entering or exiting the benches.
    • When you are unable to maintain 2 meters distance from other members.

Note, masks are not required while actively shooting if they impede your ability to safely operate a firearm. Please see the Mandatory Mask Clarification update.


The Clubhouse:

  • The clubhouse is closed for all activities except:
    • Emergencies.
    • Administrative uses.
    • Two people are permitted in the clubhouse at any given time for membership renewals, both members must wear masks while in the clubhouse.
    • Sign-in sheets and targets will be moved to an open area


Guest & Family Member Privileges:

  • All guest privileges are currently suspended
  • Family members are limited to one member at a time per bench and confined to the bench.


Additional Measures:

  • NEW We will be sanitizing shooting benches and washrooms on a regular schedule as well as shared equipment and high traffic areas
  • NEW One of the requirements is that we have a COVID-19 safety plan documented. This will be posted at the clubhouse and online shortly.
  • NEW Members residing in zones locked down (Grey Zones) by the Provincial Government will not be permitted access to the club until that zone is out of lock down.
  • Members may only shoot from benches designated open for use.
  • Members are prohibited from using a closed bench for any use
  • Store firearms not in use directly behind your bench. Do not use the rifle racks|
  • The following are suspended until further notice
  • All competitions have been temporarily suspended
  • Food and beverage sales (including vending machines) have been temporarily suspended
  • There may be time limits placed on bench use depending on how busy we are.


Please use common sense and respect all of the volunteers helping to run the club (RSO’s, etc.). In addition to the above protocols:

You are responsible for your own safety. If you wish to wear any PPE in addition to the required mask, they will be your responsibility to provide.

A small amount of PPE is available for volunteers (RSOs, etc.).